Oh huh that school arc was way shorter than I remembered.  Well!  Huh.  Hrm.

We’re at about the part where actual events in this comic happen more-or-less consecutively, piling up towards the actual ending, with no room for, you know, a year’s worth of stand-alone strips to fit in the gutters.  However, that’s about what I have!  So!  Uh.  I think this is the part where I basically run down the remaining stand-alone strips, for the most part.  There’s some wiggle room once we get to the ones I start coloring in grayscale because the wedding talk stops and characters show up which can run after the wedding but not before, which I guess I … could run after the wedding?  It feels like it might be a bit anticlimactic, though.  Maybe I’ll just see what I can do to wiggle them all in beforehand, I dunno.