Oh, look, Howard’s violently-professed hatred of Captain Janeway was actually just sublimated lust.  Show of hands, who saw this coming?

Here’s what the sign in front of the door says:

8:00am — FUTURE OF WEBCOMICS    Hosted by Anti-Social College Dropouts

12:00pm — ROBO-VAC  Hosted by creator DAMON VILLES

3:00pm — DEATHS IN MARVEL  Don’t make me laugh

5:00pm — TRUKK NOT MUNKY   Why can’t it be 1984 forever?

And sitting in the foremost viewable row in the last panel are two old Internet acquaintances.  The guy with the bushy beard holding the toaster is Skyflight.  He passed away a long time ago, sadly.  Next to him is Raksha, his buddy.  As far as I know, she’s still alive.