walkerton’s confronting double standards in gender-based hygiene

OH HEY.   This is being written a few days later than the paragraph above, but I was about to scan the strips for next week when I pulled out some “addendum” pages in between strips which included a “file photo” of Linda for next week’s Sunday strip, the original background for tomorrow’s Sunday strip that I found too late but I will talk about tomorrow, and two correction panels for today’s strip.  Apparently I didn’t like the dialog in the original first two panels and I just redrew them on another page and edited them together.  And, obviously, this was fifteen years ago so I don’t really remember this.  But!  I’ve discovered my alteration before the strip went live and fixed it.  I’ll put the first draft below because why not.

You’ll notice that the left and right sides of the composite strip are two different kinds of gray.  Well, Prismacolor grayscale markers come in both “warm” and “cool,” and I used different sets for the original strip and the replacement panels.  You might notice, going forward, that some strips are in cool and some are in warm.  This one’s split down the middle!  Anyway.