Never really followed up on that Contaminated Universe angle, huh?

Anyway, hey, hello, look, it’s Head Alien II.  We’ll be seeing a bit of him, both in these pages and also over in Shortpacked!.  He has an obligatory redesign because he’s an alternate Head Alien.  Sure, add some boot cuffs.  They’re extra.

And also hi, Bobby Walkerton.  He’s named Bobby because Joyce lists “Bob” as one of the names she has planned for her future children early in Roomies!.  And in that strip it’s a reference to Bob Forward, co-story editor of Beast Wars.  So, yeah, Bobby Walkerton is essentially named after Bob Forward.

In this strip, a trick of my sloppy coloring put a shaded line down the middle of Bobby’s teeth.  At the time, Maggie asked if it was a gap in his incisors, which she thought was cute, and since it’d be a nice distinguishing feature, I started drawing it intentionally going forward.  (Not right away, but eventually.)  I had to recolor this strip, and so I tried to… recreate the accident?  Whatevs.