I think this is the only time we see the Tarantucruiser in color!  It’s… essentially the same palette of colors as the regular-style Tarantugun, I suppose.  Purple, red, and orange.

Also, I get to do my first Big Dramatic Fans Groupshot.

Let’s see what T Campbell’s got to say today.

Like David says, it’s a lovely day when you see a new hand render your characters, and seeing my babies in full color was a rare privilege. The goofy excitement of that final panel’s just what I was hoping for.

I’m unsure whether Dina’s moment here works. I recall it was me who proposed it and David who edited in both the “I thinks.” I thought at the time that as the runt of 128’s litter, she’d be the best equipped of them to see insecurity in others. These days, though, it’s a lot clearer that one of Dina’s defining characteristics is difficulty reading people in general, not just people who seem to have their shit together. The rush of victory making Walky blinder than she is still makes sense, though, so “Walky? Do… do grateful people look like THAT?” might get the job done and be truer to the Dina we know now.