That’s right, we’re in Full-Page Sunday Style Action Strips mode, so y’all folks that were in a hissy about the Explosion Sunday can suck it!

Anyway, Joyce is alive, surprise.

I do remember musing very briefly, during the middle of It’s Walky!, following killing off some other major characters…. CAN I kill Joyce?  Is that a thing I can do?  At the time, I’d created her only, like, seven years ago, which is a friggin’ tiny blip on my life’s timescale at this point.  (Even friggin’ DOROTHY is 15 years old now, and I still think of her as “new.”)  But the very idea made me feel ill.  I was way too attached to her already, so incredibly quickly.  I don’t think I could do it.  Way too important to my brain.

anyway, RIP Joystick, I guess

you were super integral to this final battle