Man, I remember folks being so angry at Dina when this storyline first published.  Like I said, Happening On Walky’s Birthday was kind of an accident out-of-universe, and so everyone was super mad at her for dumping him in-universe.  Outside of that chronological framing… I dunno, Walky was kind of being a dorkus.  I’d want to dump him, too.  And so Dina’s tearful apology at having dumped him on his birthday was put here to underline that, no, Dina’s not a monster, she has remorse, because apparently that needs saying sometimes for folks.

And here’s Mike’s first sober smile.  I thiiiiiiiiiiiiink there was only a second Mike sober smile?  The one in Shortpacked!, with Amber?   But I use them incredibly sparingly, for obvious reasons.