Here, folks, it’s Joyce and Walky!  I dumped both Roomies Redux and It’s Walky! $100 Theater in the trash and replaced it with this.  If you paid $2 a month, you got put on a list to be mailed a link to a page full of new strips, updating every Tuesday and Thursday.  These were an ongoing storyline, segmented roughly by month.  But I didn’t want to leave anyone out.  I also drew a free strip for everyone on Saturday, updated to the regular website.

This paid my rent for a long, long time.

Thankfully for me, and for you folks here, they’re no longer integral to my financial solvency (yay, Hiveworks and Slipshines and Dumbing of Age in general), so I can now throw these at your faces for free.  (and I sell them collected to, like, three people a year these days, so)

I’m… not sure exactly in which order many of these strips should go, since there’s a lot of continuity-less Saturday gag strips sprinkled among all the story stuff.  And the Saturdays lasted through an extremely long Tuesday/Thursday drought.   Eventually I’m gonna have to stuff those runaway Saturdays back into the Tuesday/Thursdays like a herniated colon.  So, uh, fingers crossed, let’s make a non-mess of this???