Oh, hey, Tony!

And not, like, his dad, as I’d briefly mistakenly tagged the corpse yesterday.  See, I saw the rip in the corpse’s shirt, and assumed it was a tie.  Which Big Boss wore most of the time.  But he wasn’t wearing a tie the day he died anyway.

But this brings up an important question.  Like, resurrection chambers resurrect only the body.  Naked.  Head Alien got a suit fashioned for him by the machine only ‘cuz he needed one to breathe on our planet.   (And he’d changed into one of his own design at some point in the interim.)  But, like, Tony wouldn’t need that.  He’d be rebirthed as naked as the day God yanked him out of his mom.  So, uh, I guess Head Alien dressed Tony, somehow, in clothing identical to the ones he was in when he died.  And apparently DURING Tony’s frenzied fistfight with Sal.

Head Alien is a champ.