This one originally ran a bit earlier, but 1) Billie is CLEARLY not pregnant anymore, and 2) dang, daydrinking again.   So, you know, she’s hopefully using baby formula.  But we’re just a handful of strips away from the end of the standalones, so we’re running out of places to logically fit this.  So it goes here, dammit!

Anyway, there was a Giant Eagle Market District grocery store at the time that we’d occasionally pay $6 to do wine-tastings at.  You’d pay your $6, pay another $1 for a wineglass if you didn’t already have one (we still have a pile of them in the cabinets), and there’d be six stations located around the (incredibly nice) grocery store where you get a sip of wine and also a sampling of food.  I am an extremely picky eater, so usually I’d only get the wine, and since I purposefully showed up with an empty stomach, by the end of every trip I’d find myself boozily ordering too much food from the pasta station.  Their ploy to lead me into their grocery store with liquor to buy their wares worked, and I am fine with that.  We all got something out of this situation.

I’d never shop there normally for groceries.  It was too nice a neighborhood and I can get groceries cheaper at the local Kroger.