This strip ran September 10, 2002, which means it’s the Fifth Anniversary (of Roomies!) Strip.  Hence the Color Sunday on a Tuesday!   Also hence the subject matter of “where you were five years ago and where you’ll be five years from now.”

Five years from here, I’d be almost three years into Shortpacked!.   Right now at this moment, I’m not far from drawing the Dumbing of Age strip that will land on September 10, 2017, aka the Twentieth Anniversary (of Roomies!) Strip.  So the part of me that’s an old curmudgeon is thinking, “look, you two fictional kids, you’re way too young to be this retrospectivey, and also I have to hurry up and type this before one of my two twin boys wakes up cranky from his nap.”

I’m sure fifteen years from now, I’ll roll my eyes at current me thinking I’m an old curmudgeon.