And here’s where Walky upgraded from his blue-hooded hoodie to the blue-armstriped hoodie that he’s defaulted to ever since.  It was actually a reader-suggested change!  Brassydel, one of the #itswalky! IRC channel’s mainstays, was like, hey, dude, you need to up your fashion game, and he showed me some hoodies, and I chose a new one that I liked.

Ahh, back when a simple wardrobe change was a singled-out, lampshaded event, rather that something that happened every single “day,” like normal people in real life.

I would never really change Walky’s hair, despite Robin’s suggestion.  How I render it’s changed a little, but it’s essentially been the same since it got wet in the underwater Martian embassy storyline.

Robin’s holding a Reese’s Fast Break candy bar, which was a new thing at the time.