This is my favorite Tony strip. I think T wrote it. I told y’all, T writes a good Tony.

He’s just so happy that everything was finally over, you guys.  That one second or two of complete bliss.

Things seem to be over on Squad 128’s side, but we’ve still got a few loose ends to tie up… or leave frayed out in the sun until the next story sets them on fire.

I spoke about how Mist’s contradictions kind of leave me puzzled now, but this strip’s a good example of contradictions that work. For once it’s Tony who sounds like a little kid for a minute, and then it’s Tony who comes up right to the edge of sounding like he’s aware he’s in a comic strip. Both those things are normally Walky, Joyce, or HA’s bag. But it all works, because it’s all informed by the tragedy at his core.

He understands, at least, that his world seems to work a certain way consistently. “No one’s dead until you see the body.”