DSCF5575I’m pretty sure I did this strip because Shortpacked! was, indeed, in the middle of a storyline about characters doing things, and this Important Toy Thing had to be addressed somewhere!!!!!

I guess I’ll go look it up.  This storyline here, I guess.  Less domestic than advertised.

Ha, it was June 3, 2007.  I should have published this yesterday, on the actual 13-year anniversary.

But, like, the first live action Transformers movie’s toyline’s street date was a big deal.  Like, EVERYWHERE had insanely-well-stocked aisles full of everything ready to go, punctually.  It was an amazing time to be alive.

By the fifth movie, nobody bothered.  You’d walk into a toy aisle on street date and it’d empty the same as the day before.  This isn’t just a Transformers burn out thing.  Ten years later, the toy industry was different and stores cared way less about big street date extravaganzas, whether it be Marvel or Star Wars.