This was not a planned thing.  But I had a traumatized Joyce with all this information stored on her brain that the Head Alien didn’t want leaked, and I’d put her in this room alone with him.  Also there’s this mind wiper device that I just made up!  Uh oh!  This sequence was completely spur of the moment, but it was something that made sense for both characters, and it also puts Joyce in harm’s way while Walky’s in charge of her, which gives him some guilt.  Plus we establish Head Alien’s M.O.  He’s a talker.

It also meant that I’d kept Joyce from meeting Sal throughout Roomies! for no reason.  I wanted them to become friends, not realizing that either knew Danny.  But with Joyce’s mind wiped, that segregation wasn’t necessary.  Later I’d go back and add in a confrontation between the two, which you’ve already read in the archives.