Of course, in this universe Ruth’s advances are reciprocated.  That’s what she earns for being less of a jerk over here.

Ruth’s arc in Roomies! was basically only about Ruth and Danny.  But Billie was her friend, too!  However, by the time Billie had become a real character, Ruth’s arc was over.   Later I decided it was important to retroactively give Billie a larger stake in that arc, as well.  Plus, frankly, this affair just made a whole lot of sense to me.  They’re a pair that just clicked in my brain, partly because of how messed up the whole thing was.  Messed-up relationships are the most fun to write.  Not the most fun to live through, but definitely the most fun to write.

Billie/Ruth OTP (nsfw)

Billie/Ruth still OTP (still nsfw)