I toyed with the idea of Leslie having to hop through a few different universes before she got to the one she was actually after, because, you know, what’s the likelihood of her striking gold first-thing?  But, like, nah, that’s tedious, just put her where she needs to be first, this story’s gonna be long enough already.

Now here’s where things get a little art-nerdy.  Leslie and Ultra Car have ported into an earlier Shortpacked! store, as Leslie quickly surmises, and the thing is it’s colored like the strip was at the time.  Y’know, the watercolor-y effect.  And we’re about to learn that the coloring style of the strip may be… diegetic?  Why?  Because it’s fun, why not, and also other reasons.  I didn’t have twins at the time, so I had time to overthink these sorts of things.  I literally had a full 24 hours a day to myself to just think on these things.  I can’t even imagine it anymore.

Ethan is telling a joke that may not make sense anymore?  Scott Snyder was in his second New 52 Batman arc at the time, and it was the second arc in a row where Batman’s like NO OBVIOUSLY THIS THING THIS STORY’S ABOUT CAN’T BE TRUE and both times whoops it was true.  I don’t think that pattern recurred again after this.  So.  Oh well!  Timely joke defeated by more data.

ALSO holy shit that gag namedropping both Hitler and Donald Trump.  It was SUPPOSED to be one of those “serious answer but then a joke” things but godfuckin’damn.