I am moving this month, starting Monday.  Which would be no big thang any other dang month, but this is the month I’m supposed to start drawing new It’s Walky! pages when this previously-redrawn storyline runs out of previously-redrawn pages.  Well, I can’t draw THREE DAILY WEBCOMICS while MOVING, so I’m gonna slightly postpone the new It’s Walky! pages by only running stuff weekdays instead of all seven days a week.  That should put me in the clear until about September.   So see you on Monday.

The content of this page, if I recall, was entirely new.  Walky doesn’t just tag along uninvited, because why would he think he’s needed?  He’s lab help, and Joyce and Jason are the sweet alien fighters.  But in this version Joyce needs him, so he’s given a reason to follow.  It makes him more of a reluctant hero, which tends to be a crowdpleaser.