Because this is Comedy Malaya, they have a single-word catchphrase just like Ninja Rick does.  It works for her, I think!

Now here’s… a panel.  The Drama is coming from also OUTSIDE THE HOUSE, so to speak, and I got to 1) draw the outside of the original pre-renovation Shortpacked!, complete with the original store/strip logo, and 2) figure out what It’s Walky! looks like in a drama-free world.  Apparently the squad consists of the usual subjects, minus Jason, plus Dina?  Honestly, the Dina’s probably there just to affirm that she’s alive here.  Maybe Jason never made it here from his universe?  I dunno.  But they’re fighting the Mutant Frosted Honey Bun, who is definitely a Monster Of The Week sort of deal.  Absolutely comedy-only no-drama vibes with that weirdo.