20181216_152807Pellet bomb guns (and pellet bombs) were the handheld weapons that my characters carried in elementary school.  Ultra Car had a pair of pellet bomb launchers mounted on either side of his hood, and Danny and Joe carried rifle versions.  The idea was that each launcher had a bunch of tiny pellet bombs inside it, but once it entered the firing chamber, it would expand in size and be roughly the size of a fist.  Then you’d fire it, and it’d hit the enemy and go boom.

Anyway, yeah, elementary school Joe created a spaceworthy vehicle AND shrinking technology within the span of a few hours.  In this version, I guess the shrinking part isn’t mentioned?  So Joe with Rachel’s help only did the spaceworthy vehicle stuff, but also the car is sentient to begin with, plus just some exploding shell launchers, all within the span of a few hours, I dunno.

In the updated version of the pellet bomb launcher, I just added, like, a reloady slider bar or something to the top.  Great work.

also yes jesus christ no don’t give danny a gun