And so this first half of the story ended, TO BE CONCLUDED in next issue.  But next issue never came!  And so this story went unfinished for many years.  Eventually I just threw it up on the website randomly because I got sick of it not being published anywhere, after Roomies! Book 2 took forever to come out.

I am hoping, while writing this in May, that Roomies! Book 2 is like on a boat or something now?  And that I can give this book to you soonish?  With the second half of this story in it, finally published in paper as originally intended?  That’d be nice!

Of course, digitally, you can read the second half starting tomorrow.

Oh, hey, this is now the first appearance of Walky, kind of.  (He’s already appeared once as a tiny silhouette, but meh.)  HE’S IMPORTANT.  A HEADS UP.