I’m gonna let you folks in on something here.  Between drawing the first and second panel of this strip is when I originally decided abductees were unilaterally given some level of super strength.   I drew Sal and everyone jumping off the building, and it was really cool, but I paused for a moment and realized… wait, can they do this?  This is jumping like six stories.  Should I erase and start over?

Nope, jumping off the building looked too cool.

So now they have super powers.

Joyce, of course, has to lower Jason down, since he’s not augmented.  This also may inform his worried expression in the last panel of yesterday’s strip, where he’s slowly crawling over the edge of the rooftop.  I think originally he was gonna just go for it.  You know, before I realized how insane that was and subsequently retconned my own universe to accommodate my desires for sweet rooftop jumping.