robinAw yeah it’s mothereffin’ Robin!  This is her first real appearance, not counting me slipping her retroactively into my redraw of the first storyline.

She is another harbinger of this strip’s doom, in a sorts.  When I added her to the cast, I expected her to outlive the webcomic and hop over to whatever webcomic I did next.  I had no solid ideas yet of what kind of strip I would do next, but I wanted Robin to be in it.  Unlike everyone else in the main cast, she wouldn’t have much baggage.  And neither would Mike, since, well, despite him having been around since Roomies!, he’d been pretty Teflon to baggage.

Mike, who in this strip is apparently being punished for being punched in the face a bunch by Walky.  This is lampshaded in the webcomic itself in a few days.  Linda tries to explain herself.  Tries!

More on Robin tomorrow.