The only thing that really sticks out to me in this strip is the background in the second panel.  It’s pretty involved for a Roomies! background!  The sharp-eyed may recognize it as the same residence hall lobby location seen in the third panel of this Dumbing of Age strip (and others).

Man, I miss Noble Roman’s Pizza.  Ohio doesn’t have it.  Okay, fine, we do — there’s a small one at the food court at the convention center here in downtown Columbus, but it only serves up personal pizzas, not the large glorious ones of my youth.  To get a proper Noble Roman’s Pizza, you have to travel back to Indiana and probably also a decade or so.   I think at this point they’re relegated mostly to gas stations.  When I was a kid, we’d often go to the one in South Bend, and they’d have a big open window in front of the dudes making pizzas, and we’d idle in front of it for basically forever if we didn’t have quarters for Ikari Warriors.  Their pan pizza is the kind where the sauce is over the cheese, rather than under it.  You can get pizza like it elsewhere, but it just ain’t quite the same.

can you tell i’m currently on a diet