walkytf2aw yeah who’s ready for some incredibly transparent self-indulgence

As I was wrapping up It’s Walky!, I saw that whole combined Roomies!/It’s Walky! continuum as the repackaging of my childhood stories.  I didn’t know I’d go on to write 15 years more of webcomics.  I mean, at this point still thought maybe I’d get a real job and chill out a bit.  And so I just started cramming everything in.  You’ve already seen the USS Destiny, you’re about to see (SPOILERS) Ultra Car, and right now you’re seeing Walkertron and Joystick, the transforming mechs that Walky and Joyce piloted in some of my late highschool/early college material.  They were, essentially, my characters as Transformers.  Transforsonas.  And now they’re in my comic.


Because no one could stop me.