In the original, Sal arrives in Washington, D.C., by knocking down some journalists and smashing a video camera’s VCR tape.  Lying awake at night, I thought, fuck no, that’s not how Sal makes an entrance.  This is how Sal makes an entrance.  Maximum damage.  Explosions everywhere.  Kablooey.  She means business.  That’s basically the conceit of this redrawing exercise boiled down to its basics — instead of drawing how they DID do something, I draw how they WOULD do something.  My concept of the characters has kind of evolved in the past nigh-twenty years.  Have this 4:30am page.

Also I needed some SEMME agents who would be potentially disposable and don’t need to show up later, so have some new ones.  As with most of SEMME’s crowd filler, they are people I know, though I have taken care to draw them several years younger.

i may be taking the chapter title too literally