I know absolutely nothing about group sex, but

I’m not sure how often it happens while everyone’s holding up a convenient bedsheet in the middle of a living room.

And I think Sie–er, Tootsie’s face is, like, what, somewhere around Guns’ shins?  Or maybe her fee– oh, dear, of course Tootsie has a foot fetish, okay.  That’s explained.  Moving on.  And, um, I think Grace is just standing behind everyone watching.  Which is fine, but maybe dial down the side-eye, I dunno.  Maybe she’s back-seat driving Joe’s technique.  And I have no idea what Marcie can be doing back there with no mouth.  Maybe just lots of grinding.  Grinding’s a thing!  Sure.  Okay.

I also really feel like the more I try to critique this, the more I prove that second line up there to be true.

Anyway, enjoy your probably extremely implausible rated-PG orgy.