An actual sonogram of one of our kids!  Maggie had run off to get her first ultrasound while I wasn’t available, and when she got back she was like “hey look it’s our kid” and I’m like WOO and then she pulls out a second image and says “hey look it’s our… uh, OTHER kid” and I was like…

“yeah okay that makes sense”

I mean, I’ve written about twins my entire life.  It made sense.

I just wish I’d given Joyce and Walky some twins, or at least not shown them appearing at Mike and Amber’s wedding with just the one child.  I coulda fudged it otherwise.  But nope, I’d have to write about Joyce and Walky having one (1) child in this comic strip.

I’m gonna tag Machete in this one, ‘cuz he’s literally right there.