Yeah, this comic was one of three that were NOT intended for the newspaper audience.  I didn’t even send them in, though maybe I should have tried.  I could have had some hilarious ratings marked in their filenames.

These web-only strips exist because, well, just like with the original Roomies!, I was chafing a bit under newspaper guidelines — though this wasn’t a schedule-based chafing, but a content-based.  These newer newspaper strips took place during a period in both Billie and Ruth’s history in which I knew something had happened, but had never been able to depict.  And I wanted to depict it, dammit.  So.

(These three strips originally went online with some snarky commentary.  I like the commentary, but I also kind of like just presenting the strips-as-is.  Plus the commentary kept on makin’ folks think the strips were noncanon for some reason.  Well, they ain’t noncanon, and they never were.  If you miss the commentary, it’s in Roomies! Book One and on the old website for however long it persists.)