Man, I love a crossover with a good mutual downer ending, don’t you?  If something doesn’t end like The Empire Strikes Back and/or Spider-Man 3, then I don’t even know what we’re doing here.

(i mean, there’s still one more strip left from each of us, but you get the idea)

A quick plug: today (or an hour from now, if you’re reading this right as it updates) is a watershed moment at my current webcomic, Guilded Agebut for the spoiler-averse, that link will take you back to the start. Epic fantasy, metaphysics, economic inequality, and pretty much every cool concept we could throw into 49-going-on-50 chapters.
And okay, one spoiler: if this story has whetted your appetite for some version of Shanna Cochran in high-pressure situations, then hoo-hoo-hoo-boy, do the later chapters have you covered.
This is a good monologue, I’m proud I was a part of it. And it mostly speaks for itself.
But for all the emphasis this story puts on Rikk and Ali’s problems and things they are leaving unsaid, at least they know what the core issue is between them and are struggling to fix it. Joyce and Walky are sitting on a time bomb and Joyce is just starting to hear the ticking.