vigil600pxIt’s the first storyline of a new arc! You’re gonna love this one. All your favorite It’s Walky! parts are in this arc. Trust me.

Jeez, I gotta catalog all the easter eggs for you in that first mess of monitors, don’t I? Fine.

Left to right, down the rows:

1) Phoebe Bradley from Avalon! Specifically, a naked Phoebe I drew for a combined artwork wherein Josh Phillips included a naked Ruth. We auctioned it, for money. The pornlording signs were there all along.
2) The Cheese from an earlier strip.
3) One of my earliest drawings of Alan and Walky from elementary school.
4) Another The Cheese.

5) The ZUBB459, a spaceship simulator ride from the theme restaurant Mars 2112. I was in charge of this simulator ride at the Schaumburg, Illinois, restaurant at the time.
6) Jason, duh.

7) The eye of Rumy from T Campbell’s Fans! You’ll be seeing her in this strip shortly, establishing canonically that this eye shouldn’t be here at all.
8) Sal, duh.
9) Sal again, but from a limited print I forgot about. Let me dig it up and attach it to this update, if I can.
10) Bart O’Ryan, duh.

11) Beast Wars Transmetal Megatron.
12) Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
13) Gary Coleman from the film Dirty Work.
14) NERV logo from Neon Genesis Evangelion.