Ha ha, oh, right, yes, not only did Mike punch Will to save him from himself, but also so he’d fight back and Dina’d be able to get a DNA sample for Will through Mike.  For this, he endears himself further to Dina, who understands what he’s doing.  Mike, you glorious Xanatos Gambiter.

And, yes, Dina, make yourself visible in this particular conversation for absolutely no reason.

Rikk got a sense of who Joyce was almost instantly, because she wears her heart on her sleeve and he’s good at picking up on that. Conversely, he knows Walky isn’t so straightforward.

But he’s not so good at picking up on the exact lies people tell, and so he will never, ever suspect that Walky has indeed made decisions that have made good people die already. He can’t conceive of doing that and doubling down on the appearance of innocence instead of becoming a guilt-wracked gob of PTSD inside and out. He and Walky are much more the same than Walky will ever admit or than Rikk will ever know.

It might be sort of accidentally symbolic that atheist Dina slips into the secret prayer room to start communing with her superior about the nature of the universe, I dunno.