Well, this was it.  The moment I was building up to since Roomies!.  I wanted Sal and Danny to separate, and then reunite only after Sal had gone off and joined a super alien-fighting team, and then for Danny to go whooaaaa or whatever.  I’d added a lot more wrinkles along the way.  Like, say, Billie.  Billie’s a huge-ass wrinkle.  And I don’t think I’d planned on Sal having gone quite this far down the Yikes path, but I think it made it a better moment than it would have been otherwise.

There’s some lingering Roomies! mindset here, though it’s starting to be deconstructed.  Danny, to Sal, was perfect.  He was an avatar of innocence and righteousness, and for him she put on this mask of goofiness.  He was a perfect thing she could never honestly have.  And so of course, when he’s returned to her, he’s unable to be touched by the yellow energies Sal has projected everywhere.  Danny is her blind spot.  He’s on a pedestal.  And she can never direct fury at him, because she sees him as perfection personified.  So much of what Sal has been pursuing has been moral consistency to extremes, to the point of false equivalences, partly so she can match what she saw as Danny’s moral righteousness.  But when she sees the visual metaphor of her own moral inconsistency — she’s unable to yellow him up like everything else — everything falls apart.

(You don’t have to agree with Sal on how great Danny is.  As you’ve noticed, Sal is wrong about a few things.)