I think I just realized, like, maybe five minutes ago, as I was scanning this strip, what Sal’s ever-warring Rules V Heart: Dawn Of Justice argument in her head was probably about, even if it wasn’t super obvious to me at the time.  I mean, let’s say you know this kid, and he was raised to follow a certain set of rules, maybe given to him by some third party who isn’t really around to explain itself, and it’s imparted on him constantly that if you don’t do the rules right, you go to the Bad Place.  And there’s not really a lot of justification for these rules other than wanting to avoid the Bad Place.  Otherwise, it seems pretty logical to just accept people.  But you can’t accept people!  That’s Bad!  Even though it feels way righter and logically is way righter but those goddamned fucking Rules are all you’ve fucking known.  And you have to be consistent.  You have to.  You can’t just ignore this one little tiny thing and accept people, because you have to honor the Whole.  By accepting people, you’re being weak.  You’re allowing this crack in your resolve.  You have to be strong.  You have to be strong and be an asshole.   Or everything falls apart.

so what i think i’m saying is that in this strip dina represents gay marriage??????