The filename for this strip titled it “gayinthisuniverse,” which is a reference to a question somebody asked at the beginning of Dumbing of Age, specifically whether “Ethan [was] gay in this universe.”  It was that line of questioning that got me to put forth the rule that everyone keeps their same sexual orientation regardless of universe, just to, you know, keep everyone from asking me who’s still gay all the time.  Anyway, yes, Ethan is gay also in this universe.

Here is Pamela, Galasso’s previously-unseen-cuz-she-was-dead wife/partner/consort/mother-of-his-child!  We’d never seen her before.  This is her debut, as this is apparently a universe that goes by some different rules than the one Leslie Slidersed from!  I’m sure why she’s here and also alive is going to be nothing of pertinence.  I’m definitely not using this Joyce-and-Walky!-sequel-story to also fill in some Shortpacked! lore, goodness no!!!! would i do that