WOW laying on the DUMBING OF AGE SOON real quick, aren’t I.  This is the final Joyce and Walky! Saturday update, which ran September 4, 2010.  Dumbing of Age was set to start September 10, and with Shortpacked! still ongoing (for the next five years), I needed to prune Joyce and Walky! out of my comics schedule to focus on Dumbing of Age.  I’m prolific, but I still have my limits!  Two concurrently-running comic strips is fine!

Anyway, I wanted a nice coda to the Walkyverse, as such, and so picked some of my favorite and/or important Joyce and Walky moments.  There’s no wedding panel here because, surprise, the wedding wasn’t drawn yet at the time.  And so “Walky and Joyce meet their kid from the future” is a perfectly important-enough milestone from Joyce and Walky! to include.

Meanwhile, eleven years later, things aren’t looking so great, vis-a-vis Dumbiverse Walky and Joyce getting together.

NEXT UP: The day of the gaddanged wedding!!!