I had some internal debate with regards to making Jason’s background so sci-fi-y. There was the argument that it’s important that he be normal while everyone else is fantastical. He’s the Han Solo, if you will. He’s the one weirdo who doesn’t have a famous dad and/or magic powers. This particular line of thought had come into prominence during these Years Of Star Wars Prequels, the idea that the reason they don’t land with some people is that there’s no regular dude and it’s just all these superpowered jackasses and senators and royalty.

On the other hand, Jason could use some fleshing out. Other than Mike, he was the only guy from the original main cast that we didn’t know about. And It’s Walky! is, y’know, generally fantastical.

And so hopefully the happy medium of “oh he’s FROM fancypants but HE’S not fancypants, making him even more of a boring weirdo even among his own kind” was, well, a workable compromise.