hybrid_cars1man i wonder if that suv is still spaceworthy, could danny and billie now just go fuck on to the moon if they wanted, these are important questions i am only now just asking myself

Why move Ultra Car into an SUV?  Well, she’s easier to draw this way.  (and even easier to draw as a humanoid, honestly, god, i hate drawing cars)  Fewer lines!  Basically a wedge with eyes!  Plus, y’know, SUVs were on the way out at the time.  Lol, we thought they might be gone forever.  What rubes we were.

I’ve managed to dig up the reference I used for designing Ultra Car’s hybrid form and throw it up here for you there on the left.  (I googled “hybrid hatchback 2006” and lo and behold there it was.)  She’s a… *squints* Mercedes-Benz???  Well, okay.