I really love my bookend conclusions, don’t I.  Well, it works!  Not the worst last strip, huh?

Tomorrow we start running It’s Walky! strips.  It will be the redrawn versions.  Not only because that’s the way the poll went, but as soon as my wife found out that finishing the redrawn strips was even an option she told me that if I finish redrawing them I would be, uh, rewarded.  Amply.  The thought of New It’s Walky! Material does things to her, you see.  You see my situation.

I know the old strips aren’t anywhere on the net, and so I’ll be putting them up on this site, too, but probably in chunks in the newspost area.  There isn’t really a 1:1 correlation between most of the new and old versions, so inlining them as we go along wouldn’t be a great idea.  But you’ll get to see ’em, regardless.

See you tomorrow in another webcomic.