*pinches bridge of nose with thumb and forefinger*

In case yesterday’s Rebecca St. James poster didn’t clue you in, I was an adorable little fundie back in 1997, and all of the overactive persecution complex that implies.  Look at me, striking back at secularism!

This strip was the first I’d ever received feedback for.  A professor or a T.A. of some stripe tried to explain to me via email that nobody was out to get me.  It was a really long email and it countered an entire lifetime’s worth of ingrained beliefs, and so I didn’t pay it much heed.  Whatever, mister guy, you think you know so much just because you study things.  I’ll have you know that my paranoia is powered by THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, thank you very much.

EDIT: Seeing some of the comments below, I think the Wikipedia article for Common Era would be a good read.  Hint: S’not got a lot to do with atheists.