Surprise, it’s Penny!  Surprise, she… has the eyepatch now!  Because Walky punched her very hard in the face and he’s, like, superpowered.  Frankly, it’s a wonder she has her skull.

My original idea was that she’d just start wearing it for no reason because she killed Dargon Chesterfield and thought it’d be funny to steal it from him.  Also, I thought it was funny.  But I was a fool, and I forgot, and it was too late to fix the strips, and so I wrote in that part where Walky punched her super hard and then she decided to start adopting the eyepatch now.  Because I guess she carries it with her!  Less funny.  A little more satisfying for our protagonists, maybe?  Like, she’s been a dick.

Anyway, because this strip and also the previous one is just her monologuing, it was smart of me to give the last strip to various character’s reactions, rather than just having her stand there and gab for two updates in a row.

…did she throw down a smoke bomb for effect, or…