Billie and Danny!  With hairstyle alterations!news-itswalky-nov01test5

I think around this time I visited home, and noticed that some of the girls I had known in high school had cropped their hair short, and I thought, sure, why not, I guess that’s a thing ladies do.  And so Billie got her hair cropped.

Likewise, Danny lost his Party In The Back.  I figured his previous hairstyle was too “I Grew Up Watching Danny Tanner And Uncle Joey On Full House” and I cropped his hair, too.  His hair stayed like this for… a long while, like several years, before I decided, naw, scuffy Danny hair is best.  Heh, I guess I went back to Billie’s ponytail, too, though only in the Dumbiverse.  Whoops, sorry, 2001 hairstyle decisions!

I colored this strip (badly) for a Keenspot newsbox.  It’s on the left!