Double-sized strip!  These often happened on Fridays back then, mostly because I wanted weekend cliffhangers to end where I wanted them to, and a Friday cliffhanger ending on Head Alien’s “Yup” would be pretty anti-climactic to hang from for two days.  That and comic strips are like sentences, and you don’t want to end one mid-clause.

Witness one of my favorite tropes!  The normal person versus the superpowered!  Remember Dumbing of Age‘s Amazi-Girl Vs Traffic?  Same principle here.  But in this case, it’s Leslie, who’s never fought a person in her life vs Head Alien II at his most powerful.  Walky, Joyce, and Jason fought a mostly depowered Head Alien II, and two-thirds of them were superheroes!  This is a battle that Leslie can’t possibly win.

Head Alien II is echoing a few judgments on Leslie that were around in the comments section at the time.  Surprise, Head Alien is being meta.  Who knew.