So there’s a few months of Roomies! strips left to run on before we get to It’s Walky!, but before we do, I need to know something.  And I thought I’d put it to a vote.

For a while, years ago, I tried redrawing the first IW! storyline because we figured it’d help with new readers.  IW! ends out a pretty good story, but that early stuff is a mess, and so making the beginning more presentable and enticing we thought would help grow readership and whatnot.  Plus hey, maybe I could collect it in its own book or something.  But it got kind of dropped in lieu of other projects and redrawing that first storyline wasnever finished.

So my question to you is, which strips should be run on the BBR! site?  The original strips, or the redrawn ones?  I am asking far ahead because if folks want the redrawn ones, I want to finish redrawing the first storyline.  And that is, you know, more work I need to begin accommodating for.

Do you want new hotness or original recipe?  Newness versus strips that haven’t actually been on the Internet since like 2005.

You can answer here if you like, but I will be giving most of the Decision Power to the poll I’ve added to on the right hand side below the 300×250 ad.

(For the record, “Both” doesn’t help me.  I want to know which set of strips will become the REAL story.  I can always throw the losing set somewhere on the Internet.)